STIPRAM Office of International Affairs


The history of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) STIPRAM Institute of Tourism begins by establishing various cooperation with higher education institutions overseas and OIA helps the process of these foreign cooperation. Furthermore, OIA helps and assists variety of foreign student visit activities, collaboration with universities overseas and other supporting international activities. In general, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) has the following tasks:

1.Support the implementation of international classes by providing guest lecturers.

2.Coordinate overseas visits in the context of developing cooperation.

3.Create a university profile for the purposes of promotion and introduction of STIPRAM Institute of Tourism abroad.

4.Disseminating information about further study opportunities abroad for students and lecturers of STIPRAM Institute of Tourism.

5.Build cooperation and implementation of activities and programs with partner universities abroad.

6.Assist and monitoring international activities by students and lecturers of STIPRAM Institute of Tourism.

7.Give assistance on the planning, organizing, actuating and controlling the implementation of the International Community Service Program.

8.Coordinate welcoming activities and hosting for international guests visiting the STIPRAM Institute of Tourism and other events.

9.Coordinate and facilitate services for foreign students in the form of an introduction to Indonesian arts, culture, tourism and language.

10.Coordinate and assists university-level international joint research for students and lecturers.

11.Coordinate university-level international scientific meetings (conferences/seminars) held either at STIPRAM Institute of Tourism or abroad.

12.Language training assistance for students and lecturers of STIPRAM Institute of Tourism.